Full Automatic Blow Molding Machine

Plastic bottle manufacturing and production need the use of specialized industrial machinery called fully automatic  bottle blowing machines. As a blow molding machine supplier, JOHSEAN's automatic bottle blowing machine streamlines the production process, allowing for high-speed, efficient, and consistent production of plastic bottles and containers. By expanding and moulding preforms or parisons (tiny plastic tubes) into the correct bottle shape using compressed air, this machine is made to create plastic bottles quickly and efficiently. An adaptable piece of machinery, an automatic high-speed energy-saving bottle blowing machine is designed for the effective and economical production of plastic bottles in a variety of sizes and shapes while also taking energy efficiency and safety into consideration.


In order to produce plastic bottles for a variety of liquids, including water, carbonated beverages, and personal care items, these machines are widely employed in industries including the beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. In order to reduce waste and energy use and support recycling and sustainability activities, many modern machines are built with environmental considerations in mind.

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Over 20 years experiences in bottle blowing industry.
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