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The target market of our brand has been continuously developed over the years. Now, we want to expand the international market and confidently push our brand to the world.

Minor customization refers to custom logos, packaging, or graphics
The supplier supports customization based on design drawings
The supplier supports customization based on samples
The supplier supports customization based on specific requirement descriptions
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Raw-material traceability identification Supports buyers in quality traceability
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Number of supplier's QA/QC inspection employees
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Number of supplier's product testing equipment units
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The supplier provides quality assurance services
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Pre-sale Service

Field visits, preparations
According to the actual situation of the customer to propose the optimal solution
Technical communication with customers, negotiation, solving problems
Determine the final production implementation plan

According to the production arrangement, timely feedback to the customer on the production schedule
Inviting customers to inspect during the production process
After the completion of equipment production, the customer is invited to test the machine on site to check the product quality.

● Offer consumers a free one-year guarantee and free replacement components in the event that equipment quality issus arise.
● Maintaining customer product data for permanent storage through the ISO Quality Certification Management System.
● Arranging for dispatch engineers to perform equipment installation, commissioning, technical advice, and personnel training.

Paying regular visits to customers, suggesting equipment maintenance, and providing the most recent technological advancements.

Equipment details
In the field of plastic molding machinery, our company actively improve the old process, explore new process, and strive to produce products to reach the top of the market, to meet the needs of all walks of life
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Production process
We own about 5,000 square meter manufacturing base and all kinds of relevant machines and sufficient skillful employees, which greatly ensure our best quality.
Pet Bottle Blowing Flow Chart
Schematic Diagram of Air Compressor System
Partner with the best plastic machinery and mold company.
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Over 20 years experiences in bottle blowing industry.
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