Global Dealers Recruitment

Terms and conditions for the authorized dealer:
Join Process:
1.Get to know about jiansheng and blowing moulding machine 

2.Leave message or mail to us for join in.

3.Customer service acceptance and feedback 

4.Fill in the application sheet

5.Check and review by Jiansheng

6.Approval by jiansheng

7.Sign agreement

8.Training and start-up
Conditions of the agent
1. Recognize the corporate culture and jiansheng Brand to satisfy fundamnetal investment requirements.

2. Form a dedicated commercial team to manage jiansheng's merchandise.

3.. Possess specific connections and commerical assets inside the nearby metropolis.

4. The initial wave of orders' payment obligations(sample, materials, showcasing, and items).
Support for join us
With 20 years of experience in the field of plastic bottle blowing machine technology research & development, exceptional franchisees are needed to usher in a new era of Jiansheng service by exploring the market with high-quality products.
After the signing of the contract, the franchisee shall obtain the franchise qualification and authorized to business in its territory, the interests of the franchisee will be protected, and Jiansheng will to do our best to assist the franchisee to achieve success.
Jiansheng will send experienced sales engineer to conduct the field marketing survey for the franchisees as the real situation of local market, solve practical problems, adjust the sales strategy to assist the franchisees to operate their business on quick and correct way.
Provide the relevant knowledge and installation training from time to time, and promise to provide the engineering solution for the franchisees free of charge within two working days
Jiansheng will do advertising continuously and provide exhibition support in p fields
Provide the assistant of consulting, guidance, engineering, installation as well as after sales service.
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Why choose us?
Over twenty years of technology precipitation in blow molding fields with strong strength and reliability

Jiansheng has a large number of experts and professors and engineers in heat pump drying fields, in the face of the two market of international and domestic, we can develop a variety of personalized products, so far, we have developed five categories, eight series, 100 varieties of heat pump dryers, more than 300 application fields

Core patent technology

We are knowledgeable in the bottle blowing sector and possess several essential patent technologies.

Professional manufacturing and bottle blowing process

Benefits of isometric models: high precision, accurate positioning, no running, and oblique rack and pinion servo stretching. Excellent detailing: servo 360-degree pulling, safety switch, concentricity, flip to improve specific gravity block; more humane materials to be mindful of: Stainless steel slide with no obstructions; Taiwan clamping machine slide on silver, robust, quick, and steady;

Benefits of machinery with variable pitch: Power-saving ------ is half of the regular blowing machine, isometric blowing machine 1/3; high output ------ is four times the regular machine, isometric servo machine 1.5–2 times;

No noise from the machine: the sound of bottles blowing is the only sound audible;

Compact size: the capacity is half that of the bottle blowing machine with a set distance.

High standard and high requirements for professional manufacturing

To meet the demands for hot-filling containers, highly transparent PP containers for medical infusion applications, and high quality high-yield PET containers, we particularly developed PP bottle blowing machines, PET hot-filling bottle blowing machines, and its accessories, as well as JS-600, JS-2000, JS-4000, JS-6000 automatic blowing machines which are very popular amongs our clients.

No worries about the A/S service, 100% satisfactory

In order to help our partner penetrate to the market quickly, we provide the following service:
Pre-sales: Project Engineering, engineering budget, sales training services.
On-sale : Dispatch engineer to job site to supervise the installation and commissioning
After-sale: Skilled engineer take care of the a/s work, 7 x 24hour service is provide.

Get in touch with us now to find more information about our products and services. If you have a project then please get in touch and we can discuss your requirements and needs. 

Our partners
We are over 20 years in partnership with following Brands and Companies. By looking deeply into our customers' demands, our engineers strive to develop advanced technology and deliver more intelligent solutions.
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Over 20 years experiences in bottle blowing industry.
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